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4 Sep 2015

Cipla looking to stregthen US business by acquiring Hetero’s US business

US currently contributes 8 percent to Cipla’s overall revenues and looking to strengthen further in coming years. Cipla is in advance stage talks to acquire Hetero Drugs’ US business, which is run under the Camber Pharmaceuticals brand. The acquisition is likely to be valued at 500-550 million dollars.

Cipla was reportedly in race to acquire UCB’s Kremers Urban Pharma for over a billion dollars to shore up US portfolio. However sources say that if the deal with Hetero goes through Cipla is unlikely to go ahead with Kremer’s bid.

Hetero US biz has an oral solids generics portfolio and an ANDA pipeline including some complex generics. Hetero Drugs has two US entities Invagen Pharma & Camber Pharma, one is manufacturing and other the front end. Sources say the deal is likely to include acquisition of both the units by Cipla. Invagen website says it has three manufacturing facilities.

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