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19 Oct 2016

Case Study: Insignt on GSK’s cold and flu-tracking app – campaign to launch Theraflu ExpressMax Caplets

GSK consumar healthcare has introduced, the Cold and Flu Tracker app, where people can get updates on cold and flu activity at a hyperlocal level. This app is available to users thanks to a partnership with GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare’s Theraflu and the Weather Company.

GlaxoSmithKline is showing people how many in their geographic area are suffering from colds or flu–and what to do if they’re among the afflicted. But some critics find the pharma giant’s approach a little unsettling.

Beyond mixing sickness with weather, the app is also part of GSK’s overall campaign to launch the new Theraflu ExpressMax Caplets, and the active promotion of Theraflu range of brands.

Glaxo’s new launch Theraflu ExpressMax Caplets is positioned as follows –

A product with a “specially formulated coating” that “provides a warming sensation you can instantly feel, letting you know that powerful relief is on the way,”

What’s strategy behind the GSK’s Cold and Flu Tracker app?

Apps will inform and advise consumers and it will also provide excellent insights for the marketing team as well in terms of knowing when to merchandise and market the Theraflu brand in different areas throughout the country.

Challenges :

This flu apps going to get challenges and criticism. Technology leader, Google dropped simialr project called Google Flu Trends last year after an article in Science challenged its methodology.

Consumer Health Segment is facing tough market competitions.

Glaxo indeed plans various innovative approach to keep going. Last year it combines with Novartis to launch an OTC joint venture, competitors the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Bayer and Sanofi–which recently struck a deal to swallow Boehringer Ingelheim’s consumer offerings.

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