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17 Dec 2021

Case Insight: Natco acquires Dash Pharmaceuticals

NATCO Pharma, through its affiliates, is proposing to enter into an agreement to acquire Dash Pharmaceuticals LLC subject to satisfactory completion of due diligence, execution of definitive agreements and compliance with statutory requirements.

Dash is a front-end pharmaceutical sales, marketing and distribution entity based in New Jersey, USA which is expected to have approximate net sales of $15 million for the year ending December 2021.

From being a backend research partner relying on a de-risked profit sharing model, it is now in some sense becoming like most other generic companies. Rajeev Nannapaneni, vice chairman and CEO, Natco Pharma however says, ‘It is not a complete change of the model. There is some pivot as we will continue to partner for complex generics but for plain vanilla generics we will do it ourselves (leverage the frontend presence in the US market and directly sell to the major generic drug wholesalers). He explains: “Let us say, we do 10 product that include two or three complex generics, here we will continue to partner but for the remaining vanilla generics, we will do it ourselves.”

This acquisition provides NATCO with a front-end to engage with its customers directly in the USA which is the largest pharmaceutical market in the world.

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