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19 Mar 2018

Brand Positioning: GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd launches Horlicks Protein+

GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd, the maker of Horlicks, is making another attempt to diversify. The company is set to launch Horlicks Protein+, a protein supplement aimed at working men. The category has potential. It is estimated to have a market worth Rs700 crore and is said to be growing faster than the overall health food drinks segment where GSK’s Horlicks has a dominant presence. fmcg branding and marketing

Horlicks Protein+ will be positioned against market leader Danone’s Protinex. And pricing of the Horlicks Protein+ expected to be lower than market leader Danone’s Protinex. But gaining a foothold in the segment can be a time-consuming exercise as GSK will have to build the business. This can drive up the expenses in the initial phase.

The most important bit is gaining consumer acceptance. Despite being able to catch its consumers at an early age, Horlicks, as with the case with several other firms, has been unable to hold on to them beyond 12-13 years with other products. This Horlicks Protein+ is planning to address the adult population to imvolve with the brands.

If you look into the Cadbury’s case. They have been quite successful in brand adoption from kids to all ages, vis-a-vis Horlicks, Boost, Bournvita was unsuccessful in doing so.

Already GSK Consumer Healthcare Ltd has quite successful extending brand Horlick’s from Kids to Mother by launching Mother Horlick’s, although market is observing quite strong competition from other brands who are presents in Mother Protein Segment.



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