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Executive Program in Biopharma Business Development & Strategic Maanagement

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Core Area of Learning


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Executive Program in Biopharma Business Development and Strategic Management

KPE’s Executive Program in Biopharma Business Development and Strategic Management course utilizes interactive learning tools to guide each participant through the steps of the innovator biopharmaceutical and biosimilar business development, strategic management and licensing process. This is dedicated online training program for biopharma professionals.

The course is designed to challenge users to apply what they have learned through the use of interactive exercises, reflection questions, expert live chat and a final assessment at the end of the course.

The course can be completed at any pace, allowing the user to stop and start at their leisure.

biopharma business development and strategic managementCourse Code: KPE-C-122

Types of Course: Executive Advance Diploma Program, Online Certification Course, Distance & e-Learning

Course Title: KPE’s Executive Program in Biopharma Business Development and Strategic Management

The course provides in-depth study of the product life cycle for biopharmaceuticals. Focus is on the various stages within the life cycle from conceptualization of a biopharmaceuticals, development, approval process, followed by, market commercialization and licensing activities. This course is ideal for the biopharmaceutical professionals who are handling regulatory submission, approval, production, and the postmarket environment for biologic drug manufacturing, marketing companies. The course provides comprehensive real life simulation on different classes of therapeutic biologics. Strategic understanding is focused on the biopharma pipeline management. Course also provides training on  risk assessment at each stage, and the decreasing productivity of the drug pipeline. Advance training on licensing of biologic is also incorporated in the course.

Our Registrants are in Takeda, Pfizer, Apolonia d.o.o., ITC-Pharma, GSK, Lipoxen (UK), Patheon, Mylan, Biocon, Micro Lab, GE Lifesciences, Orchid, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Hospira, Ranbaxy, Julphar, Jhonson and Jhonson, Ethicon, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory, MSD, Medo Pharma, Nestle, Ind-Swift, Panacea, Bal Pharma, Aristo, Reliance Lifesciences, Quality Pharma Pvt Ltd, Cipla, Ipca, Sherya Lifesciences, Promed, Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Zydus Candila, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare, Bangalore Pharmaceutical and Research laboratories, Teru Technomed, Indocoar Pharma, Fortis Hospitals, VRPL Healthcare, Medreich, Hospira, Indospectrum, Wintac Limited, Faveo Pharmaceuticals, Enzem, Leo Pharma, Accenture, Shaigan Pharmaceutical, Ceutica & Chemie, Medxplor Healthcare, Systopic Laboratories and many more companies across the pharma industry.

1 Year

Core Area of Learning

  • Biopharma market understanding
  • Understanding of different therapeutic classes
  • Biopharmaceutical Development Process
  • Regulatory approval process, strategic pathways
  • Strategic planning for market access
  • Biomanufacturing process
  • Biosimilar development process
  • Biopahrmaceutical product life cycle management, Patent, Exclusivity, Portfolio management, LOE training
  • Data exclusivity
  • Market commercialization strategies and Marketing for Bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Biopharma business development training
  • Biopahrma valuation methods 
  • Biopharma licensing 

Features of the Course

  • Comprehensive study material covering all important aspects of innovator biopharmaceutical and biosimilar business.
  • 24×7 online access, attend from anywhere.
  • Online lectures for easy understanding of the advance biopharma topics.
  • Live Pharma  Case Study –  File for easy understanding in biologics-biosimilar strategic business planning.
  • Simulation based real life case presentations.
  • Attend online final examination at your own time and convenience.
  • Get Certified: On completion of the course deadline, course completion certifiate will be issued. On successful completion of the final examination, course gradation certificate will be issued.


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1 Month Certificate Course in Biopharma Regulatory Affairs and Strategic Management

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