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13 Sep 2017

Bayer, VUMC strategic research collaboration to develop therapies against kidney diseases

  • Bayer and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC), Nashville, Tennessee, US, have entered on a five-year strategic research alliance in the area of kidney diseases.
  • The partners will jointly evaluate new drug candidates for the treatment of kidney diseases with the goal of accelerating the translation of innovative approaches from the laboratory to pre-clinical development.

Patients suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESDR) face dialysis, transplantation or palliative care as their only therapeutic options. There is no effective treatment available that can prevent the cardiovascular consequences of chronic kidney disease and at the same time reduce the progression to ESRD. The goal is to develop two investigational new drugs addressing the medical need of ESDR within the time frame of this strategic research alliance.

About the collaboration:

  • Under the agreement, Bayer and Vanderbilt University Medical Center will jointly conduct research activities including target validation, assay development and lead optimization.
  • Both parties will contribute personnel and infrastructure to address important scientific questions. Bayer will have an option for the exclusive use of the collaboration results.

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