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2 Mar 2017

Baxter and ScinoPharm Taiwan strategic deal develop, manufacture and commercialize five injectable oncology drugs

Baxter International and ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. have agreed for strategic partnership to develop, manufacture and commercialize five injectable drugs used in a range of cancer treatments, including lung cancer, multiple myeloma and breast cancer, as well as medication to treat nausea and vomiting, common side effects of chemotherapy. The arrangement also provides Baxter the option to partner with ScinoPharm—one of the world’s leading active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers—on as many as 15 additional injectable molecules.

Current branded sales of the initial five products included in this partnership total more than $4 billion annually. These products will join Baxter’s existing portfolio of generic injectable medications, which includes difficult-to-manufacture oncology drugs and a broad portfolio of standard-dose, ready-to-use premixed injectable products such as anti-infectives, analgesics and critical care medicines.

Strategic Partnership

  • Baxter : Manufacturing expertise + global commercialization capabilities
  • ScinoPharm : Manufacturing APIs

Under the terms of the partnership, Baxter and ScinoPharm will collaborate on product development and manufacturing. Baxter will hold commercialization rights, with products included in the arrangement expected to launch beginning in 2020.

ScinoPharm will provide APIs for the initial five generic injectables, and Baxter and ScinoPharm will share manufacturing responsibilities, with the majority of the molecules to be manufactured at Baxter’s state-of-the-art facility in Halle, Germany, one of the most advanced facilities in the world for manufacturing oncology drugs.

This strategic partnership will boost ScinoPharm expansion in the formulation business.

Recently Baxter also acquired Claris Injectable recently. So these two back to back deal will clearly depict the growth and expansion planning of Baxter by strengthening the injectable business. 

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