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27 Jun 2016

Affilogic announces partnership with Sanofi to develop Nanofitin-conjugated biotherapeutics

Affilogic, a privately-owned biotech company, announced the signature of a collaboration and license agreement with Sanofi, a global healthcare leader, for the development of Nanofitin-conjugated biotherapeutics.
In the framework of a research collaboration initiated in 2012, Affilogic applied its alternative scaffold technology, the Nanofitins, for a joint discovery and development of Nanofitins against an undisclosed target nominated by Sanofi. Affilogic selected Nanofitin candidates from their proprietary libraries for subsequent conjugation to Sanofi proprietary molecules.
Under the research collaboration and licensing agreement, Affilogic and Sanofi will combine research efforts to establish optimized Nanofitin-conjugated biotherapeutics and carry out further preclinical development of conjugates. Sanofi has obtained exclusivity on 2 different Nanofitin families and will have sole responsible.

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