Admission Process

——-Instant Course Activation——–

Create Free Account by clicking Sign Up button. Login with your credential and visit the respective page, you can book or purchase the course. On successful payment course will be activated instantly. 

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How to Register Free

Video Tutorial -1

How to book the course?

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How to update the payment information

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——-Alternative Method of Course Activation——–

STEP 1: Fill Up the application form and fill up with respective details

Fill Up Course Application Form

Once you submitted the application form, you can proceed with the course fees payment. 

STEP 2: Payment

From India: Click the below URL to make the course fees payment.

Online Payment By Indian Rupees

Payment other than India: You can sign in to and go to respective course page to make the payment. 

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Step 3: Payment acknowledgement

Once the payment is made, kindly update the payment acknowledgement copy here. 

Update Payment acknowledgement

Activation of the course / Access of the course

Once the payment is received, your course access will be initiated and you will be receiving the course access activation in your registered email id.

How to Access the course?

1. Open in a browser 
2. In the top right corner you will be finding the sign in button. 
3. Click sign in > provide your login credential 
4. Upon login successfully you can find your name in top right corner. 
5. Click your name. 
6. You will be enter to your dashboard. 
7. Further to access the course content confirmed course > then click on course name > then click Start course (under right hand panel)
You will be able to find the course content. 
After accessing the course for few times, course link will move under Attended Course Section. That time you need to open your dashboard > Attended Course  > then click on course name > then click Start course (under right hand panel)

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