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3 Nov 2016

ACETO to Acquire Generic Products and Related Assets of Citron Pharma and Lucid Pharma

ACETO Corporation, an international company engaged in the development, marketing, sale and distribution of Human Health products, Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Performance Chemicals, today announced that ACETO, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Rising Pharmaceuticals, signed a definitive product purchase agreement to acquire generic products and related assets of Citron Pharma LLC and Lucid Pharma LLC for a total consideration, prior to a potential earn-out payment, of approximately $412 million, or $332 million net of expected tax benefits.

ACETO and Citron possess complementary asset-light business models, drug development and manufacturing partnerships and product portfolios. Citron brings a portfolio consisting of 47 commercialized products; 31 approved but not yet launched products; and a pipeline of 33 projects, including 3 ANDAs filed with the FDA and 30 products currently under development. Included in the 33 pipeline projects are 29 ANDAs that will be owned by Rising Pharmaceuticals upon closing.

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