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About NCK Pharma Solution Private Limited

About NCK

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

NCK PHARMA SOLUTION is a ISO 9001: 2015 Certified leading global, diversified consultancy company assisting pharmaceutical corporate, SMEs and start up companies with expert advises and solutions on various areas of marketing, regulatory, Intellectual Property, advertising, Production, new edged Web, IT, ERP solutions, Training  to achieve success with sustainable business growth. NCK gobal head office is based at World Trade Center,Bangalore, India having coverage across India and International market.

Knowledge Process Enhancer® Courses

We offers cutting edge courses from pharmaceutical industrial domains, e.g, regulatory affairs, pharma sales, pharma marketing, global business, product management.

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Our approach

We operate through seamless combination of personal interventions, teleconferencing and/or net meeting. Also the consultant-client relationship is enhanced by the on-line delivery of materials/documents through a secured way.

Our Team

Our cross functional team keep focus and deliver our services in broad ranges of the corporate companies from different market segments. Brain power may help the organization to run but practical experience puts gear in motion. Throughout our team, you will find experts knowledgeable about what it takes to market smart.

Quick and Prompt services

We ensure on time deliver of the project. 

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