2015 Merger - Acquisition in Pharma

11 Jan 2016

2015 Merger-Acquisition in Global Pharmaceutical Industry

2015 Merger – Acquisition in Pharma
Company Takeover candidate Deal Value $ Completed
3SBio (China) Zhejiang Wansheng Pharma (China) $85.0 million Jul-15
AbbVie (US) Pharmacyclics (US) $21.0 billion May-15
Abcam (UK) AxioMx (US) $20.0 million upfront and $25 million contingent Nov-15
Abzena (UK) PacificGMP (US) $7.7 million Sep-15
Acino Pharma (Switzerland) Pharma Smart (Ukraine) Undisclosed Oct-15
Actavis (Ireland) Auden Mckenzie (UK) $460.0 million Jun-15
Aduro Biotech (US) BioNovion (Netherlands) $32.4 million half cash and half stock Oct-15
Agenus (US) PhosImmune (US) $9.9 million upfront plus $35 million contingent Dec-15
Albany Molecular Research (US) Two business units of Aptuit (US) $60.0 million 1st-qtr 2015
Albany Molecular Research (US) Gadea Pharmaceutical (Spain) $174.0 million Jul-15
Alexion Pharmaceuticals (US) Synageva BioPharma (US) $8.4 billion Jun-15
Alfa Wassermann (Italy) Sigma-Tau (Italy) Merger of which financial terms not disclosed Jun-15
Alfresa (Japan) Sannova manufacturing subsidiary of Eisai (Japan) Undisclosed Exp. March 2016
Allergan (formerly Actavis) (Ireland) KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals (US) $2.1 billion, 80% of which in cash Oct-15
Allergan (Ireland) Oculeve (US) $125.0 million upfront Aug-15
Allergan (Ireland) Naurex (USA) $560.0 million Aug-15
Allergan (Ireland) AqueSys (US) $300.0 million Oct-15
Allergy Therapeutics (UK) Alerpharma (Spain) $4.3 million plus $2.25 million contingent Jun-15
Alliance Pharma (UK) Dermatology products business of Sinclair IS Pharma (UK) $192.0 million Dec-15
Almirall (Spain) Poli Group Holdings (Switzerland) $386.3 million, plus $37 million contingent Dec-15
Altan Pharma (Ireland) GES Group (Spain) Undisclosed Jun-15
AMAG Pharmaceuticals (US) Cord Blood Registry (US), from private equity firm GTCR $700.0 million Aug-15
AMCo (UK) Boucher & Muir (Australia) Undisclosed Jul-15
AmerisourceBergen (US) PharMEDium Healthcare (US) $2.575 billion Nov-15
Amgen (US) Dezima Pharma (Netherlands) $300.0 million upfront and $1.25 billion contingent E4th-qtr 2015
Amgen (US) Catherex US) $1.5 million Exp. early 2016
Amicus Therapeutics (US) Scioderm (US) Potential $847 million, with $229 million upfront Sep-15
Astellas Pharma (Japan) Ocata Therapeutics (US) $379.0 million Ann. Nov 10, 2015
AstraZeneca (UK) ZS Pharma (US) $2.7 billion Dec-15
AstraZeneca (UK) 55% stake in Acerta Pharma (Netherlands) $4.0 billion, with contingency payments and option to buy full control Ann. Dec 17, 2015
AtriCure (US) nContact (US) $98 million plus $50 million contingent Oct-15
Baxter International (US) SuppreMol GmbH (Germany) $225.0 million Mar-15
Biogen Idec (US) Convergence Pharmaceuticals (UK) $675.0 million, of which $475 million contingent 1st-qtr 2015
Biota Pharmaceuticals (US) Anaconda Pharma (France) $8.0 million plus shares and up to $30 million contingent Jun-15
Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany) Merial, animal health business of Sanofi (France) $12.4 billion Exp. 4th-qtr 2016
Boston Scientific (US) American Medical System business of Endo International (US) $1.65 billion Aug-15
Bristol-Myers Squibb (US) Flexus Biosciences (US) $1.25 billion Apr-15
Bristol-Myers Squibb (US) uniQure (Netherlands) 5% stake for at least $32 million with a further 15% stake 2nd-qtr 2015
Bristol-Myers Squibb (US) Promedior (US) $1.25 billion option to acquire Ann. Aug. 2015
Bristol-Myers Squibb (US) Cardioxyl (US) Potential $2.07 billion, of which $300 million upfront Dec-15
Cadila Healthcare (India) 50% of Zydus BSV Pharma from Bharta Serums and Vaccines, taking 100% control of the JV Undisclosed Mar-15
Can-Fite BioPharma, through subsidiary OphthaliX (Israel) Improved Vision System (Israel) Undisclosed, all stock deal Aug-15
Cardinal Health (US) Cordis vascular technology business of Johnson & Johnson (US) $1.93 billion Oct-15
Cardinal Health (US) The Harvard Drug Group (US) $1.115 billion Exp. beginning 2016
Cardio3 BioSciences (Belgium) OnCyte division of Celdara Medical (US) $10 million upfront, with up to $90 million in milestones Jan-15
Catalyst Biosciences (US) Targacept (US) Agreed merger, terms not disclosed Jul-15
Celgene (US) 5% stake in Mesoblast (Australia) $45.0 million Apr-15
Celgene (US) Quanticel Pharmaceuticals (US) Up to $485.0 million, of which $100 million upfront Jun-15
Celgene (US) Receptos (US) $7.2 billion Aug-15
Celsus Therapeutics (US) Volution Immuno Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland) All share transaction to create Akari Therapeutics Sep-15
Chinese consortium (inc. Fosun Pharma and WuXi PharmaTech) Ambrx (US) Undisclosed 2nd-qtr 2015
Cipher Pharmaceutical (Canada) Innocutis Holdings (US) $45.5 million Apr-15
Cipla (India) InvaGen Pharma and Exelan Pharmaceutics, from Hetero promoter $550.0 million 4th-qtr 2015
Circassia Pharmaceuticals (UK) Prosonix (UK) $154.0 million Jun-15
Circassia Pharmaceuticals (UK) Aerocrine (Sweden) $216.0 million Jul-15
Clinigen Group (UK) Idis Group (UK) $337.0 million Apr-15
Clinigen Group (UK) Link Healthcare (Australia) $68.7 million up front plus further $86 million contingent Oct-15
Concordia Healthcare (Canada) Assets of Covis Pharma (Switzerland) $1.2 billion Apr-15
Concordia Healthcare (Canada) Amdipharm Mercury, AMCo (UK) $3.5 billion, of which $1.2 billion in cash 4th-qtr 2015
Dechra Pharmaceuticals (UK) Genera (Croatia) 63.3% stake for enterprise value of $56.8 million) Oct-15
Ecuphar (Belgium) Animal health business of Esteve (Spain) Undisclosed May-15
Eisai (Japan) TianYi Biological Pharmaceutical (China) $78.2 million Dec-15
Ember Therapeutics (US) Mariel Therapeutics (US) Merger, terms not disclosed Mar-15
Endo International (Ireland) Par Pharmaceutical (US) $8.05 billion, of which $6.5 billion in cash Sep-15
Eris Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Australian generics Rx and OTC business of Aurobindo (India) Undisclosed Apr-15
Ethypharm (France) DB Ashbourne (UK) Undisclosed Oct-15
Fidelio Capital (Sweden) Veterinary business of ALK-Abello (Denmark) Undisclosed Dec-15
Fujifilm Holdings (Japan) Cellular Dynamics International (US) $307.0 million May-15
Gilead Sciences (US) EpiTherapeutics (Denmark)( $65.0 million May-15
GlaxoSmithKline (UK) GlycoVaxyn (Switzerland) $190 million for remaining stake ($212 million total value) Feb-15
Hikma Pharmaceuticals (Jordon) Roxane (US) generic business of Boehringer Ingelheim (German) $2.65 billion Jul-15
Hikma Pharmaceuticals (Jordon) EIMC United Pharmaceuticals (Egypt) Undisclosed Oct. 2015
Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals (US) Advanced Pharmaceuticals and Nutritionals Undisclosed Apr-15
Horizon Discovery (UK) Haplogen Genomics (Austria) $9.0 million Feb-15
Horizon Pharma (Ireland) Hyperion Therapeutics (US) $1.1 billion May-15
Horizon Pharma (Ireland) Crealta Holding (US) $510.0 million Exp. 1st-qtr 2016
IGI Laboratories (US) Alveda Pharmaceuticals’ injectable pharma assets (Canada) $60.6 million Nov-15
Intarcia Therapeutics (US) Phoundry Pharmaceuticals (US) Undisclosed Sep-15
Intrexon (US) ActoGeniX (Belgium) $60.0 million (50% cash and 50% shares) Exp. 1st-qtr 2015
Ipsen (France) OctreoPharm Sciences (Germany) $56.0 million Jun-15
Johnson & Johnson (US) XO1 Limited (UK) Undisclosed Mar-15
Johnson & Johnson (US) Novira Therapeutics (S) Undisclosed Dec-15
Julphar (UAE) PAK Pharmaceuticals (Pakistan) $9.5 million for majority stake Feb-15
Juno Therapeutics (US) Stage Cell Therapeutics (Germany) $59.0 million plus $151 million contingent May-15
Juno Therapeutics (US) X-BODY Inc (US) $22.0 million plus shares and contingents Jun-15
Karo Bio (Sweden) Tanomed (Sweden) $2.3 million Jun-15
Karo Bio (Sweden) MedCore (Sweden) $2.1 million Oct-15
Kite Pharma (US) T-Cell Factory (Netherlands) $21.0 million Mar-15
Lannett Co (US) Silarx Pharmaceuticals (US) Undisclosed Jun-15
Lannett Co (US) Kremers Urban Pharma (US) from UCB (Belgium) $1.23 billion Nov-15
Ligand Pharmaceuticals (US) Open Monoclonal Technology (OMT) (US) $178.0 million Exp. Jan 2016
Lupin (India) Medquímica Industria Farmaceutica (Brazil) Undisclosed May-15
Lupin (India) ZAO Biocom (Russia) Undisclosed 4th-qtr 2015
Lupin (India) GAVIS Pharmaceuticals (US) $880.0 million 4th-qtr 2015
Mallinckrodt (US) Ikaria (US) $2.3 billion Apr-15
Mallinckrodt (US) Therakos (US) $1.325 billion Sep-15
Marksans Pharma (India) Time-Cap Laboratories (US) Undisclosed Jul-15
Merck & Co (US) cCAM Biotherapeutics (Israel) $605.0 million Sep-15
Midatech (UK) Dara Biosciences (US) $30.0 million Dec-15
Mission Pharmacal (US) ProSolus Pharmaceuticals (US) Undisclosed May-15
Mylan (US) Women’s health care business of Famy care (India) $750.0 million plus $50 million contingent 2nd-half 2015
Mylan (US) Perrigo (US) $28.9 billion unsolicited bid Abandoned Nov 16 as Mylan failed to gain Perrigo shareholder battle
NantWorks (US) Igdrasol, a subsidiary of Sorrento Therapeutics (US) $90.0 million upfront plus $1.2 billion contingent Sep-15
NantWorks (US) Precision Biologics (US) $50.0 million for majority stake Oct-15
Novartis (Switzerland) Spinifex Pharmaceuticals (US and Australia) $200.0 million upfront plus milestones 4th-qtr 2015
Novartis (Switzerland) Admune Therapeutics (US) Undisclosed 4th-qtr 2015
Novo Nordisk (Denmark) Calibrium (US) and MB2 (US) Undisclosed Oct  2015
OPKO Health (US) EirGen Pharma (Ireland) $140. Million, $100 in cash May-15
OPKO Health (US) Bio-Reference Laboratories (US) $1.47 million stock agreement Aug-15
Osmotica Holdings (US) Vertical/Trigen Holdings (US) Undisclosed Dec-15
Panasonic Healthcare (Japan) Diabetes Care business of Bayer (Germany) $1.15 billion Exp. 1st-qtr 2016
Panther Biotechnology (US) Alchemia Oncology unit of Alchemia Ltd (Australia) Undisclosed Nov-15
Perrigo (US) Omega Pharma (Belgium) $4.5 billion Mar-15
Perrigo (US) Mexican business of Pantheon (US) $34.0 million May-15
Pfizer (US) Redvax, acquired majority stake from Redbiotec (Switzerland) Undisclosed Jan-15
Pfizer (US) Hospira (US) $17.0 billion Sep-15
Pfizer (US) Allergan (Ireland) $160.0 billion all stock merger Exp. 2nd-half 2016
Pozen (US) Tribute Pharmaceuticals Canada $146.0 million Exp. Feb 2016
Publicis Healthcare (US) Commercial services business of PDI Inc (US) $33.0 million plus earn-out payment Dec-15
QLT (US) InSite Vision (US) All-stock acquisition Deal abandoned in favor of acquisition of InSite by Sun Pharma
Recipharm (Sweden) OnTarget Chemistry (Sweden) Undisclosed Jun-15
Recipharm (Sweden) Nitin Lifesciences (India) 74% stake for $103.5 million) Oct-15
ReproCELL (Japan) Biopta (UK) Undisclosed Dec-15
River (Charles River) (US) Oncotest (Germany) $36.0 million Nov-15
Roche (Switzerland) Foundation Medicine (US) $780.0 million for 56% stake, plus further funding of $250 million Apr-15
Roche (Switzerland) Trophos (France) $545.0 million with120 million euros upfront and 350 million euros contingent Mar-15
Roche (Switzerland) Signature Diagnostics (Germany) Undisclosed Feb-15
Roche (Switzerland) CAPP Medical Undisclosed Apr-15
Roche (Switzerland) GeneWeave (US) $190.0 upfront and $235 contingent 4th-qtr 2015
Roche (Switzerland) Kapa Biosystems (US) Undisclosed Dec-15
Roche (Switzerland) Adheron Therapeutics (US) $105 million upfront and $475 million contingent Oct-15
Ruthigen (US) Pulmatrix (US) Merger, combined firm to be named Pulmatrix Jun-15
Sanofi (France) Consumer healthcare business of Boehringer Ingelheim (Germany) $7.3 billion Exp. 4th-qtr 2016
Sartorius Stedim Biotech (France) Cellca (Germany) Undisclosed Jul-15
SciVac Therapeutics (US), to be renamed VBI Vaccines VBI Vaccines (US) All-stock merger valued at $92 million Dec-15
Shenzhen Hepalink (China) and Eastern Capital Resverlogix (Canada) $41.0 million with each gaining an approx 12.7% equity stake Jun-15
Shire (Ireland) NPS Pharmaceuticals (US) $5.2 billion Feb-15
Shire (Ireland) Meritage Pharma (US) $70.0 million plus undisclosed contingent payments Feb-15
Shire (Ireland) Foresight Biotherapeutics (US) $300.0 million Aug-15
Shire (Ireland) Baxalta (US) Unsolicited all-stock offer of c.$30 billion or $45.23/share Ann. Aug 4, 2015; revised offer still expected
Shire (Ireland) Dyax Corp (US) $5.9 billion plus $646 million contingent Exp. 1st-half 2016
Siegfried Holdings (Switzerland) Pharma ingredients business of BASF (Germany) $306.5 million May-15
Sosei Group (Japan) Heptares Therapeutics (UK) $400.0 million, of which $220 contingent Feb-15
Sun Pharmaceutical (India) InSite Vision (US) $48.0 million Oct-15
Strides Arcolab (India) Australian generics business from Aspen Pharmacare (South Africa) $306.0 million Jul-15
Sucampo (US) R-Tech Ueno (Japan) $278 million Dec-15
Synerlab (France) Alcala Farma (Spain) Undisclosed Nov-15
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (US); Name changed to Arbutus Biopharma OnCore Biopharma (US) All stock merger valued at $750.0 million Jul-15
The Medicines Company (US) Annovation Biopharma (US) Undisclosed Feb-15
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Israel) Auspex Pharmaceuticals (US) $3.2 billion May-15
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Israel) Mylan (Netherlands) $40.1 billion unsolicited approach Bid abandoned after deal with Allergan agreed
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Israel) Generics business of Allergan (Ireland) $40.5 billion Exp. 1st-qtr 2016
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Israel) Rimsa (Mexico) $2.3 billion Exp. 1st-qtr 2016
TiGenix (Belgium) Coretherapix (Spain) $7.3 million in cash and around 5.5 million euros in shares Jul-15
Tobira Therapeutics (US) Regado Biosciences (US) All stocker merger, with Tobira shareholders to hold 68% of combined firm May-15
Torrent Pharmaceuticals (India) Zyg Pharma (India) Undisclosed Jul-15
TPG (US) Aptalis/Pharmatech business of Actavis (Ireland) Undisclosed Apr-15
Trilantic Capital Partners Europe Doppel Farmaceutici (Italy) 90% equity stake, terms undisclosed Oct-15
Turing Pharmaceuticals (US) KaloBios (US) 70% stake for undisclosed investment Nov-15
Valeant Pharmaceutical International (Canada) Dendreon (US) $400.0 million Feb-15
Valeant Pharmaceutical International (Canada) Salix Pharmaceuticals (US) Increased offer of $173 a share (versus  158), or $11.1 billion, for a transaction value of $15.8 billion. Up from around $10.0 billion ($14.5 billion transaction value including debt) Apr-15
Valeant Pharmaceutical International (Canada) Amoun Pharmaceutical (Egypt) $800.0 million 3rd-qtr 2015
Valeant Pharmaceutical International (Canada) Synergistics (US) $166.2 million Oct-15
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (Canada) Sprout Pharmaceuticals (US) $1.0 billion 3rd-qtr 2015
Valneva (France) Crucell Sweden, and all assets, from J&J subsidiary Crucell NV (Netherlands) $53.6 million Feb-15
WuXi Pharmatech (China) NextCODE Health (US) $65.0 million Jan-15
Wuzhou Zhongheng (China) Oramed Pharma (Israel) $52.0 million for 10% stake Jul-15
Xbrane (Sweden) Primm Pharma (Italy) Undisclosed Oct-15
Zambon (Italy) Nigaard (Norway) Undisclosed Jul-15

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